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We make the complex simple to empower businesses

Sideclick is a software development and integration company that simplifies complex, real-world problems with custom software development and integration. Our solutions can also empower any tech-dependent business that wants to expand on their existing digital solutions.

Custom enterprise level software

Our Mission and Vision

Our goal is to use the increasing complexity of the world to benefit people and businesses. We aspire to create a trusted world that helps our customers reach their goals.

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We believe that the complexity of the world can be harnessed to create bigger and better solutions.

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We believe in curiosity-driven solutions — what we have might work, but something else might work better.

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We believe in integrating people and things so they work well together.

Custom HubSpot Development

We’re deeply entrenched in the HubSpot world, with extensive experience in HubSpot development and integrations.

Custom Hubspot CRM
Application Development

We’re part of the Mpull group

Two of the Sideclick Directors, Graeme Wilson and Daryn Smith, are the founders and directors of MPULL, a technology-driven marketing agency. They are both passionate about making tech as effective as possible to get results.

This partnership allows for more strategic solutions for our customers, so that both marketing and development are thought out in depth. Websites and integrations are built with marketing and sales in mind — so our solutions always fit business goals and enhance the customer journey.


The Timeline

March 2004


April 2004

Selected as part of the LaunchPad programme (Cape IT Initiative)

May 2007

Part of a team that built the internal sales incentive channel for a leading South African telecoms company

June 2013

Rebranded as Sideclick Superheroes

July 2014

Part of a team that rebranded all the service stations for a leading fuel company by using algorithms to optimize travel routes

August 2018

Built a system of web and mobile applications for managing the delivery of chronic medication in South African townships

September 2018

Joined the MPULL family


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What technologies does Sideclick use?

We love open source technologies, with a primary focus on the standard LAMP stack. We sometimes contribute our work back to the community through our GitHub profile

What systems can you integrate HubSpot with?

We have experience integrating systems like Xero and Netsuite with HubSpot and can also do custom integrations. Whatever integration you need, lets chat and see what we can do.

Do you custom-design websites or use pre-made templates?

Both. When it comes to websites, we work with our customers to determine which direction is the best fit for their project.

How will people find my website once built?

We have SEO experts and data analysts as part of our team. Website copy will always be written in line with SEO best practice and based on extensive keyword research.

I’ve already got a Facebook page — do I still need a website?

While a Facebook page is important, it has many limitations. A website, on the other hand, can give users a complete brand experience that a Facebook page simply can’t compete with. A website also has the advantage of Google search on its side. To put it bluntly, every business needs a website to function effectively.

How can I tell if a developer is the right one for my project?

Ask to see their previous work, especially projects similar to your own. Have a meeting with them, get to know them, and see if you get along! Just make sure they understand and believe in your goals for the project.

What is Sideclick good at?

Sideclick focuses on three main tiers: Software integrations (linking systems together), website development on WordPress and HubSpot, and bespoke web and mobile app development. Together with MPULL, we have all the bases covered: design, development, and marketing.

Who will be working on my website?

This will depend on the size of the project and what skills are needed, but usually we assign a team of least 3 to 7 team members to each project. We also assign based on skills and experience.

Does Sideclick offer website & email hosting?

Yes! We offer a tiered list of hosting packages. We can host everything from small websites to large multi-server and scalable systems.

What’s best, using a .co.za or a .com domain for my website?

If you can nab a .com then that’s usually better, especially if you’re targeting an international audience. With this in mind, .com domains are usually more expensive.

How much does a website/web application cost and how long does it take to build?

This is always a tricky one to answer. A project can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years! Contact us and we’ll arrange a meeting to understand your requirements and give you a better idea of timings and costs.

Will I be able to change the content of my website myself once built?

Yes! We usually build our websites on HubSpot or WordPress, both of which come with intuitive content management areas, built for non-developers to easily use — we can also provide training if you need it.